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Secure websites with two-factor authentication

In recent news bound to further delight customers using for business web hosting, easy-to-use two-factor authentication has now been introduced.

Two-factor authentication radically enhances website security by requiring two forms of identity when logging in to your website administrative area. One form of identify is supplied using your normal username and password. The other comes in the form of a security code sent over SMS to your mobile phone. In this way, even if your password becomes known by an unauthorised party, access to your website cannot be obtained unless they also have physical access to your phone.

If the computer being used to access is trusted, the SMS code can be suppressed for up to 30 days – keeping any potential annoyances to a minimum.

Two-factor authentication is the latest in a long line of hits – including extreme affordability, low vendor lock-in by virtue of using open source, full search engine optimisation built-in, and site management from mobile devices.

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