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UK government forges ahead moving to open standards and open source

In an update to last year's UK government announcement mandating open standards for all document file formats (replacing Microsoft Office and Google Drive as contenders), work is proceeding apace – with several government departments now publishing documents in the ODF format used by LibreOffice.

In blog posts from the UK Cabinet Office and Office of the CTO respectively:

  • "A number of departments are starting to publish in open formats, including the Department for Transport, Department for Communities and Local Government, Department of Health, Department for Work and Pensions, and HM Revenue and Customs. Many more departments will follow by the end of the year."
  • "Several departments are planning... for different software as part of their move to ODF as the default for creating documents. They’re considering which products work best for them. There are many that support open formats so open source software is being considered on a level playing field with proprietary software."

While large-scale organisations such as the UK government future-proof their technology investment and enable the lower costs, superior features, and freedom from vendor lock-in by using open standards, businesses of all sizes can benefit in exactly the same way – and, gain a competitive advantage in doing so. If you're ready to see what open technology can do for you, get in touch.

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