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Ubuntu running on Dell Latitude business laptops

We've recently been trying out Ubuntu running on Dell's next-generation Latitude range of business laptops. In particular, we've been using the Latitude 15 3000 model—an affordable device well-suited to small business use.

On the hardware side of things, the laptop is light, yet very well-constructed. It features a superb keyboard (with built-in numeric keypad), quiet operation, excellent battery life, and a crisp, bright display. It ships with an extended three-year warranty included, which is essential for any computer being used for business.

Because of the zero-cost nature of Ubuntu—and only a single Ubuntu edition with no confusing "home", "premium", or "ultimate" releases—we were up and running from download to use in under 20 minutes. Ubuntu is seriously smooth and responsive on the Latitude, due in no small part to not requiring any antivirus software. Compare this to Microsoft Windows, which needs performance-sucking antivirus running constantly in the background.

All of the Latitude's hardware "just worked" in Ubuntu, from wireless and Bluetooth, to audio and display adjustment keys. And because Ubuntu ships with a range of full-featured business office software included (with more available from the Ubuntu Software Centre), we didn't have to settle for bundled free or "starter" office software with crippled features and built-in advertising.

In summary, and after several months of operation, Ubuntu on the Latitude 15 3000 has been nothing short of stellar: stable and fast. We can wholeheartedly recommend the combination as an affordable and powerful mobile business computing solution.