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SuiteCRM: open source Customer Relationship Management

Apertura Designs is pleased to announce today a new offering in our business product portfolio. SuiteCRM is the world's leading open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. Powerful, flexible, easy to use—and with all compelling benefits of open source—SuiteCRM is the perfect CRM product for businesses of every scale and industry.

When implemented correctly, SuiteCRM:

  • Radically improves business process efficiency
  • Boosts profitability—by ensuring and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Heightens your competitive advantage

But what is CRM, and how does it lead to these benefits?

CRM is technology designed to nurture and enhance a business' relationship with its customers. CRM achieves this by centralising, consolidating, and automating the many manual processes staff otherwise must undertake in the absence of a CRM product.

For example, recording phone numbers, email addresses, and postal details is a process used for managing the most fundamental aspect of customer relationships—how and where to contact customers. In a business without CRM, this information could be held in an email app, in a paper notebook, in a smartphone—or in combinations thereof amongst many staff. This leads to duplication of effort (with staff updating siloed information for the same contact), and increases the chance of inconsistent or incorrect data. This wastes both business and customer time.

Another example is the process used for capturing a customer support call. Perhaps notes are hastily made on paper by a staff member during a phone conversation, or maybe email messages are manually sorted into folders within a staff email account. In a worse case scenario, no historical customer data is available at all when the business is contacted for support. In all cases, team members have little insight into a customer's support history with the company—and any history that is available is not automatically and centrally available to all staff. If you've ever had the experience of labouriously recounting your prior calls when contacting a vendor for support—or even having to repeat your contact details on every call—you'll know just how frustrating this is. With such a negative support experience, your business runs the clear risk of customers switching to another vendor—and one that is likely running a CRM product to address these very concerns.

SuiteCRM would be used to address the above two examples in the following way:

  • Customer contact data is imported into SuiteCRM, and is available centrally to all team members. Phone and address formats are automatically standardised for consistency, and SuiteCRM automatically syncs changes to team members instantly. Powerful search and field autocomplete reduces the amount of time spent retrieving contact records. SuiteCRM also syncs contact data to desktop email apps for the best of both worlds.
  • Customer support calls are managed by SuiteCRM's dedicated support case module. Phone transcripts, email messages, and documents are attached to customer support case records. When a customer calls for help, their entire support history is immediately available to the support agent at the click of a button. Updates to a support case are synced to all team members immediately. The support case lifecycle is automatically tracked from case opening to closure.

Managing contact data and customer support are two scenarios where SuiteCRM makes an immediate and measurable positive impact to your customer relationships—but SuiteCRM offers a lot more. Advanced features include project and task management, opportunities-to-sales-leads tracking, full email marketing campaigns, and advanced reporting. When used in combination, the benefits are compelling—regardless of the size of your business. And because it's based on open source, SuiteCRM offers unbeatable performance for remarkably low cost.

For more information please check out our PDF white paper.

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