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Using unlicensed business software? The risks are greater than ever

In a previous blog entry we described the serious risks associated with using unlicensed business software. It's one of our most popular posts, and for good reason: unlicensed software penalties for Australian companies increased by 100 percent in 2017.

Some notable points from industry press:

  • License enforcement actions were carried out by the BSA
  • A total of $347,000 was paid out by businesses
  • The largest single penalty was $40,000
  • Offending companies had to cover the cost of not only the outstanding licenses, but the penalties on top of this

As highlighted in our original blog post, switching to open source business software is possibly the single most effective preventative measure against illegal software penalties and the associated time-sucking overhead of juggling proprietary licensing. Specifically for New Zealand-based businesses, the minimum wage increase and rising operational costs will present strong challenges going forward—and the last thing businesses need is a severe hit to their bottom lines arising from illegal software use. And by switching to open source, businesses benefit from a raft of additional advantages—from superior features and massive cost savings, to enhanced security and better document interoperability.

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