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Outlook.com—still not (quite) fit for business email

Earlier this year Microsoft launched their free Outlook.com email service. We blogged at the time that it was largely unsuitable as a business email solution. This was because Microsoft had failed to implement modern technology standards to support the safe use of standalone email apps with Outlook.com email accounts. As we originally wrote:

  • "Outlook.com's support of modern technology standards for email software interoperability is practically non-existent. This severely limits the choice of software customers can use with their Outlook.com accounts—and the remaining software that can be used is almost guaranteed to create major headaches down the track. "

So, we are delighted to see the recent announcement that Microsoft has introduced this missing support. As a result, customers have a much wider choice of email apps they can use with Outlook.com (including one of the best business email apps available: Thunderbird).

While this would now appear to bring Outlook.com into a front-runner position for business email hosting solutions, it still lacks a paid option with professionally-backed support. This is in contrast to (for example) Google Apps for Business, which includes Gmail supported with a service level agreement and 24/7 help. For this reason we are still hesitant to recommend Outlook.com for business use. We hope that Microsoft introduces professional support packages in the near future.