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Microsoft to increase Office 365 prices for New Zealand customers

New Zealand-based Microsoft resellers are presently advising their customers of Microsoft's intention to increase Office 365 subscription costs by 22 percent, taking effect on 1st April 2016. Businesses should ignore resellers' boilerplate statements in defence of Microsoft, and instead view this as clear evidence of the risks of using proprietary, closed-source office software. Microsoft's exclusive control of Office 365 enables them to set pricing and terms as they see fit—benefiting their shareholders but to the detriment of their customers. Without a choice of competing products offering full interoperability for Office 365's file formats and features, businesses will in many cases end up paying more for the same software—along with many bundled features they'll never use. It's a lock-in game which Microsoft historically has played well with traditional software, and is now repeating in the cloud.

Fortunately, businesses around the world are turning to open source to break the vendor lock-in cycle and the associated forced upgrade treadmill. LibreOffice is a compelling alternative to Microsoft Office, with an array of advantages including:

Business owners looking at increased Office 365 bills after April 1st and their considering options are encouraged to get in touch. With an extremely low-cost, business-specific version of LibreOffice—backed by our expert training, support, and document migration services—there's never been a better time to explore open source office productivity.