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Using Microsoft Office 365 Home editions for business use?

Business owners may have noticed that Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium can be purchased for the quite reasonable price of NZ$165.00 RRP per year—which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more. The software can be installed on up to five PCs, plus mobile devices—seemingly ideal. The same applications are included in the pricier Office 365 Professional product—and the listing of Office 365 Home Premium under the "business software" section of IT vendors' websites may lead company owners to view this as a cost effective way to obtain a full office software suite.

Unfortunately, purchasing Office 365 Home Premium and then using the software for business activity of any sort is in breach of the license agreement—as Office 365 Home Premium is strictly for non-commercial use. Any commercial use of the software is only legally permitted with Office 365 Home and Business, or Office 365 Professional—which for the same set of applications starts at NZ$859.00 RRP (and only for a single PC installation).

The plain fact is that using Office 365 Home Premium for business purposes is a significant risk, and one simply not worth taking. Considering that the legitimate options start at hundreds of dollars more, business owners may be interested in migrating to an alternative business-grade office software solution—and one that does not come burdened with license fees and draconian usage restrictions.

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