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Easily fix messy formatting when opening Microsoft Office documents in LibreOffice

Microsoft Office contains many components designed to intentionally lock businesses into using expensive Microsoft products. Examples of this practice range from proprietary, non-industry-standard default file formats, to the full set of Microsoft Office's features only being available on Microsoft Windows. The cumulative effect drastically reduces choice for businesses and increases overall costs.

An often-overlooked point of Microsoft Office lock-in is the default use of proprietary fonts. Contrary to the popular view, many fonts are not freely distributable—and may in fact be covered by restrictive license terms similar to proprietary software. Microsoft Office by default uses two such fonts: Calibri and Cambria. These fonts are only available in Microsoft Office, and are not freely available for download and use otherwise.

Microsoft Office alternatives such as LibreOffice have massively levelled the playing field for businesses, with a comprehensive and powerful office productivity solution for low or no cost. However, Microsoft Office's proprietary fonts can create a pain point for businesses switching to LibreOffice: without access to these fonts, documents created by Microsoft Office apps (such as Word) may display with messy or broken formatting when opened in LibreOffice.

We've prepared a PDF guide that describes how your business can quickly and effectively address this scenario using font substitution. Check it out, and if you have any feedback or need assistance, please get in touch.