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Introducing LibreOffice 6

In exciting news for businesses and consumers, LibreOffice 6 is out now—the latest major version of the world's leading open source office software suite. Version 6 ships with a tonne of amazing features; let's highlight a few below.

Outstanding compatibility with Microsoft Office file formats

LibreOffice 6 builds on already excellent Microsoft Office file format compatibility with new features designed for seamless file import and export. Businesses looking at switching to LibreOffice can continue to access existing intellectual property stored in Microsoft Office format, and in most cases—with Calibri and Cambria fonts correctly substituted—Microsoft Office documents will open in LibreOffice with perfect fidelity.

eBook publishing built-in

No-cost eBook publishing just got an order of magnitude easier. Whereas previous versions of LibreOffice required third party extensions to create eBooks, LibreOffice 6 has EPUB export available out of the box. It's an incredibly useful feature for easily creating business content that can be opened on the widest range of hardware and software eBook readers.

  • Click here to download sample eBook created with a single click using LibreOffice 6

Create powerful PDF forms

LibreOffice 6 introduces a dedicated Forms menu, which makes creating sophisticated forms a breeze. Staff needing to create PDF forms in particular will be delighted by this feature—especially when the competing PDF forms solutions cost hundreds of dollars.

Easier document editing and navigation

LibreOffice is renowned for its straightforward and intuitive interface. Tools and commands are where you expect them to be, arranged logically in both the menus and the Sidebar. LibreOffice 6 introduces a new Notebookbar interface option, providing customers with another option for quickly accessing document editing and navigation commands.

Unlike other office products, the new interface is optional; you can switch back to the traditional interface at any time.

Create stunning presentations with new templates

For PowerPoint-style presentations, LibreOffice Impress has been enhanced in version 6 with a range of new business-focused templates. In addition, the templates are in widescreen format; no extra formatting is needed for creating and presenting content on widescreen monitors and projectors, respectively.

Professional support ready to go

For businesses looking to migrate to LibreOffice, an enterprise-hardened version is available: Collabora Office. Benefit from industry-leading stability, rapid software updates, and best in class professional support and training delivered by Apertura Designs.

Still paying a fortune for Office?

Even with a major new version release packed with features, some things never change. This includes LibreOffice's incredibly low cost (compared with Microsoft Office 365's skyrocketing subscription fees), no failure-prone activation schemes, and a single version that can be installed anywhere for any use (compared with Microsoft Office's confusing array of editions that often cannot be used at home).

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