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Italian military switching to LibreOffice on 100,000 computers

Late in 2015, the Italian military announced a large-scale plan to migrate from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice. Perhaps most notable is the sheer scale of the move—involving 100,000 desktop computers across the army, navy, and air force.

The project—known as Operation LibreDifesa—is well underway, with a projected completion date of 2020. Below is a brief video interview with General Camillo Sileo, Deputy Chief of Department VI, describing their experiences during the migration. Some notable points:

  • "We have prepared a study and we have seen that either Microsoft Office or LibreOffice were just as good for our needs . . ."
  • "We have analysed what our employees used to produce using Office, compared that with LibreOffice, and concluded that there was no productivity loss . . ."
  • No signification problems have been observed; a comprehensive communications plan advising staff of the project objectives in advance has played a pivotal role
  • An example document is opened in both Microsoft Word and LibreOffice Writer—emphatically demonstrating that there are no practical differences when font substitution is used

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