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Kaiten Mail: awesome mobile email for Android

Many reputable tech industry publications have recently reported that Google is set to introduce advertising in their mobile Gmail client. Unlike most of Google's other consumer-focused services, the Gmail client for tablets and smartphones has thankfully remained free of intrusive advertising. Signs, however, that change is imminent certainly fits with Google's recent ramping-up of targeted advertising—as anyone who regularly views videos on Google-owned YouTube will attest.

Business users may wish to start looking at other options before these disruptive changes land. Apertura Designs can wholeheartedly recommend an alternative to the Gmail mobile app for Android, in the form of Kaiten Mail. Like many of the best business software solutions, Kaiten is based on open source technology, and features a beautiful interface with advanced functionality exceeding that of Gmail.

Not only will Kaiten work seamlessly with the Gmail accounts, it also supports many other mail services—so like Thunderbird you can manage multiple accounts all from within the same app. Whereas Gmail has a permanently enabled conversation view, Kaiten allows you to toggle this feature on or off—along with a whole lot of additional customisability.

Kaiten is available in a paid version, or a free variant supported by advertising. Obviously based on the theme of this blog entry we would encourage Android users to pay the modest one-off fee (less than a cup of coffee!), and enjoy one of the best mobile email apps available.

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