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French government looks to adopt open standard file formats

Following on from the UK government's landmark decision, recent reports indicate the French government is also looking to replace proprietary Microsoft Office file formats with OpenDocument Format. OpenDocument Format (ODF), is a true industry-standard electronic office document format, supported by the LibreOffice software suite.

As reported by French free software specialists April:

  • "The final draft version of the RGI . . . maintains ODF as the recommended format for office documents within French administrations. This new version of the RGI provides substantiated criticism of the OOXML Microsoft [Office] format."
  • "This work ended up specifically advocating ODF for office documents."

And from tech industry publication The Register's article:

  • "DISIC has recommended that French authorities ditch Microsoft Office tools in favour of ODF".
  • "The final version [of the report] strongly encourages the phasing out of Microsoft’s ware in favour of ODF."

The French government's interest in formally adopting ODF is part of a growing global awareness of the myriad risks and hidden costs inherent in proprietary office document formats. As always, the considerable advantages of open standards—sustained cost savings and much more—can also benefit your business. If you're interested in taking the next step, drop us a line.

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