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Cool tools: Conversations extension for Thunderbird

One of the many benefits of Thunderbird is the freedom of choice it affords users. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in Thunderbird's strong extensions ecosystem. From themes and skins that alter look and feel, to powerful tools for sorting and managing mail, extensions can be used to customise Thunderbird to an incredible degree.

One of the biggest complaints about web-based email is the all-or-nothing imposition of certain design decisions on customers. The automatic sorting of messages into threads of conversation is one such example. While this can be useful, many email service vendors deliver the feature as a default setting which is either difficult to access, or cannot be disabled at all. Conversation threading by default is great for people who like the feature, but a time-consuming annoyance for folks who prefer to have their email items sorted in linear fashion.

For businesses wanting the choice of advanced conversation sorting (such as in Gmail)—but with the stability, speed, and extensibility of desktop email software—the Conversations extension for Thunderbird is an excellent, zero-cost solution.

More than just enabling a mere threaded view, the Conversations extension contains a tonne of clever additional functionality. Combine it with Thunderbird's multiple account support, tabbed messaging, and many other comprehensive features, and you have an email powerhouse ready to handle the most demanding business email workloads.

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