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City of Barcelona to replace Microsoft Office with LibreOffice

As reported recently by multiple news sources, the City of Barcelona has announced plans to replace Microsoft Office with LibreOffice on thousands of its computers.

The large-scale project is aimed at eventually replacing all proprietary desktop software (including Microsoft Outlook) with open source equivalents—and a key goal is to remove Microsoft Windows entirely in favour of Ubuntu.

Highlights from articles published in The Inquirer, TechRepublic, and ZDNet include:

  • "Barcelona aims to reduce its spend on software licensing and its dependence on the proprietary suppliers that have held contracts with the city authorities for years or in some cases decades."
  • ". . . Barcelona plans to move away from Windows . . . in favor of a Linux-based operating system such as Ubuntu, which is already being trialled on 1,000 computers . . ."
  • ". . . the City Council has planned to spend 70 percent of its software budget on open-source software by spring of 2019 . . ."

Barcelona's move is the latest in a growing number of public organisations moving from overpriced (and underperforming) proprietary business software to extremely low cost—yet powerful—open source alternatives. Other examples include 25,000 staff across 13 Copenhagen hospitals using LibreOffice, and the French national police force saving milliions of euros by switching from Windows to Ubuntu. These high profile cases exemplify the proven cost and quality advantages of open source—particularly for other businesses looking at making the switch.