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Apple Mail on Mac OS X Mavericks breaks badly with Gmail

Apple has recently released the latest update to Mac OS X, codenamed Mavericks. Unfortunately, in the past 24 hours many Apple customers have learned that the included update to Apple Mail results in severe problems specifically when connecting to Google Gmail accounts. This includes businesses using paid Google Apps for Business accounts for email hosting.

The issues encountered are being widely reported online. For example:

In our experience, Apple Mail has never been well-suited to the task of handling business email workloads. It suffers from a number of other quirks and an interface focused on domestic use. For those businesses affected by the latest problems, there's no timeline for how soon Apple will deal with the problem—if ever.

Fortunately, Mozilla's Thunderbird mail client works great on the latest Mac OS X update when connecting to Gmail. It comes loaded with additional business-focused goodies, is absolutely free, and—unlike Apple Mail—is also available for Linux and Microsoft Windows. Apple customers posting on social networks are discovering the benefits of entrusting their email to a robust, mature, and openly-developed application:

If you're an affected Apple Mail user—or simply looking for a better business email client for Mac OS X—there's no better time to give Thunderbird a spin.

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