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Simplenote—a slick note-taking app for Ubuntu

(Updated August 22nd 2016: Simplenote is now open source across all platforms, heralding an accelerated rate of innovation.)

Automattic—developer of the leading web CMS WordPress—has announced a full Ubuntu-compatible version of the Simplenote note-taking app. Simplenote has an elegant user interface (just like Automattic's desktop app), with a streamlined feature set designed for quick, effective note-taking.

Installation on Ubuntu is super-easy, and notes are fully synchronised with the associated Simplenote apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS:

Other great features include automatic note version history, collaborative editing, and instant note publishing to the web (with no additional setup needed).

We've already fallen in love with Simplenote on Ubuntu; it's made a terrific addition to our arsenal of zero-cost open source business productivity tools.

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