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The Professional LibreOffice Migration Specialists

Apertura Designs has experience with large-scale corporate LibreOffice migration projects. We work closely with your staff and key stakeholders to provide outstanding support in every aspect of adopting LibreOffice and open standard file formats.

Our services include:

  • LibreOffice business case authoring
  • Migration process design—tailored to your organisation and aligned to a best practice protocol
  • Communications planning and associated content
  • Comprehensive and friendly training—provided in web, video, and person-to-person formats
  • LibreOffice technical support—from general queries to specialised scenarios (such as Microsoft Office-format document conversion)
  • Custom LibreOffice template design and existing template conversion

Apertura Designs recommends Collabora Office—an enterprise-focused version of LibreOffice. Featuring the same expansive feature set as standard LibreOffice, Collabora Office is hardened for maximum security and stability. It’s perfect for business use, and just a fraction of the cost of Microsoft Office.

Click here to download the Collabora Office data sheet.

Ensure a successful switch from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice

If you're ready for the amazing benefits that open source office productivity will bring to your business—including radically reduced cost, vastly improved productivity, and superior features—get in touch today.