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Adobe Creative Cloud outage costs businesses time, money

Small businesses paying to use Adobe's rental-only Creative Cloud product were left reeling after a recent outage resulted in their staff being locked out of the software. As reported by Ars Technica: "Adobe Systems is struggling to restore access to Creative Cloud, its online subscription for software and services, after an outage has locked out some users for more than 24 hours... preventing some of Adobe's most popular apps from being used at all."

The total time of the outage was 27 hours – effectively several working days of businesses unable to access software they'd legitimately paid to use. Feedback from Adobe's affected customers (via The Register) was swift:

In previous blog entries we've highlighted Adobe's marketing misuse of "cloud" branding (while railroading customers into a rental-only product), and how Creative Cloud's total cost may in fact far exceed the previous perpetually-licensed Creative Suite products for certain businesses. Add to this the inherent risks in depending on rental-only, online-only software – as amply demonstrated by this outage – and the case for investigating free and open source alternatives becomes compelling. And remember, open source software doesn't need registration, activation, runs forever, and can be shared and used by anyone.

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