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Apple Mail on Mac OS X Mavericks breaks badly with Gmail

Apple has recently released the latest update to Mac OS X, codenamed Mavericks. Unfortunately, in the past 24 hours many Apple customers have learned that the included update to Apple Mail results in severe problems specifically when connecting to Google Gmail accounts. This includes businesses using paid Google Apps for Business accounts for email hosting.

The issues encountered are being widely reported online. For example:

Kaiten Mail: awesome mobile email for Android

Many reputable tech industry publications have recently reported that Google is set to introduce advertising in their mobile Gmail client. Unlike most of Google's other consumer-focused services, the Gmail client for tablets and smartphones has thankfully remained free of intrusive advertising.

Cool tools: Conversations extension for Thunderbird

One of the many benefits of Thunderbird is the freedom of choice it affords its users. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in Thunderbird's strong extensions ecosystem.—still not (quite) fit for business email

Earlier this year Microsoft launched their free email service. We blogged at the time that it was largely unsuitable as a business email solution. This was because Microsoft had failed to implement modern technology standards to support the safe use of standalone email apps with email accounts. As we originally wrote:

"Cloud risk": Xero kills off their Xero Personal product

Cloud accounting software company Xero recently made the move to shutter Xero Personal, an online personal finance management tool. The reaction this provoked from Xero's users is about what we've come to expect from folks who have invested their time and money into an exclusively online, subscription-based product – only to have it closed down.

Everyone should have a Wiki :)

As anyone who has used Wikipedia knows, wikis are a highly convenient way of quickly searching for and accessing information on a broad range of topics using a web browser. But perhaps less well known is the fact that the software which powers sites such as Wikipedia can be easily installed on your personal computer or laptop. Why would we want to do this?

Editable PDF Support in LibreOffice Writer

We recently attended a small business community meeting on the topic of affordable software solutions for business owners. The issue of PDF support was raised by a participant—specifically, whether an affordable tool existed for editing PDFs.

Cool tools: Bookmarks Sync for Firefox

We're huge fans of Mozilla's Firefox web browser.

Cool tools: QuickFolders extension for Thunderbird

Thunderbird is one of the best business email apps available today. Aside from the nice price—free—it has one of the strongest extension ecosystems out there. Extensions (also known as add-ons) enhance Thunderbird's functionality in hundreds of different and useful ways. Today we're going to take a look at one of our favourite extensions: QuickFolders.

Adobe Creative Cloud: eminently unsuitable for New Zealand small businesses?

The reviews of Adobe's new “cloud”-enabled premier design product are arriving—and they're not pretty. By forcing customers dependent on the traditionally-licensed Adobe Creative Suite into a rental scheme, Adobe has released software that for many small businesses turns out to be more expensive than the outgoing product.


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