Optimising websites for search results

We've recently blogged about the benefits of basing your business website on an open source CMS such as WordPress—especially when compared to other closed source alternatives. While recently assisting business owners on getting their websites up and running, we've been asked about how well websites work with popular search engines—such as Google and DuckDuckGo.

Cool tools: Thunderbird Saved Search folders

Continuing on in our series of Thunderbird power tips, today we're going to highlight the Saved Search folders feature. This is especially useful for small business owners wanting the same functionality offered by Microsoft Outlook – but without the cost, complexity, limited operating system support, and licensing hassles.

Adobe Creative Cloud outage costs businesses time, money

Small businesses paying to use Adobe's rental-only Creative Cloud product were left reeling after a recent outage resulted in their staff being locked out of the software.

Ubuntu running on Dell Latitude business laptops

We've recently been trying out Ubuntu running on Dell's next-generation Latitude range of business laptops. In particular, we've been using the Latitude 15 3000 model—an affordable device well-suited to small business use.

Adobe Muse vs. open source for business websites

We've recently been fielding queries from folks on the topic of building business websites using Adobe Muse, a web design application that is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

Cool tools: send huge email attachments with Thunderbird Filelink

As part of a continuing series of blog posts covering useful tips and tools for small businesses, we are once again going to revisit the Thunderbird email client.

Cool tools: Ubuntu Workspaces

In previous blog entries we've looked at some of the unique productivity-enhancing features of the Ubuntu OS. Ubuntu comes packed with tricks for business power users, and today we're going to take a look at another: Ubuntu Workspaces.

UK government plans to replace Microsoft Office with open source

In a great piece of news from The Guardian, the UK government is looking to make the switch from Microsoft Office software to open source.

Cool tools: pinnable windows in Ubuntu

Our latest blog entry on lesser-known tools and tips for boosting business productivity refers not to an add-on or third-party functionality, but an integral part of the Ubuntu operating system (OS). Ubuntu's beautiful user interface allows the customer to independently pin any open window so it always appears on top of all other windows. Let's briefly look at why this is such a terrific feature for business use.


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