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LibreOffice is now available from the Mac App Store

For customers using Apple macOS, there are now two ways to try LibreOffice. As well as a conventional download from the main LibreOffice website, it's also now available as a convenient one-step install from the Mac App Store:

Thunderbird supports LaTeX expressions in email

For customers working in science and academia, Thunderbird supports LaTeX expressions and formulas with the LaTeX It! add-on. This can be a huge time-saver when exchanging formula-laden emails with colleagues. Simply type the desired expression, press the "LaTeX It!" toolbar icon, and the expression is converted into the corresponding formula:

The importance of endpoint-encrypted email for business

The security disclosures that have occurred over the past two years – vis a vis Edward Snowden's revelations around global electronic surveillance programmes – have shone light on email's lack of security as a communication medium. Email – in its plain, default state – is prone to content interception at the multiple points between an email being sent, its journey over the public internet, and the recipient's account.

Dell further bolsters support for Ubuntu

In previous blog entries we've highlighted just how well Ubuntu runs on Dell's business-class laptops. Dell has recently moved to create additional support resources for installing Ubuntu on its PCs—as well as endorsing it on their business support channels:

Secure websites with two-factor authentication

In recent news bound to further delight customers using for business web hosting, easy-to-use two-factor authentication has now been introduced.

UK government forges ahead moving to open standards and open source

In an update to last year's UK government announcement mandating open standards for all document file formats (replacing Microsoft Office and Google Drive as contenders), work is proceeding apace – with several government departments now publishing documents in the ODF format used by LibreOffice.

LibreOffice Online – and in the cloud

In an exciting development (hot on the heels of Document Freedom Day), Collabora Productivity recently announced LibreOffice Online – a new edition of LibreOffice hosted directly in the cloud.

The Importance of Document Open Standards

Today we're celebrating Document Freedom Day—a global event raising awareness of the importance of open standards for electronic document interchange and storage. If you've never considered the role that open and industry standards play in a business environment—and why the default file formats used by Microsoft Office and Google G Suite are an unwise choice in many scenarios—then read on.

Google Drive now supports LibreOffice file formats

Google recently announced ODF support for its Google Drive cloud office productivity suite. ODF is the OpenDocument file format—an internationally-standardised format for office productivity documents. While many competing office software suites are compatible with ODF, LibreOffice is the leading product using ODF today.


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