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Kiwi businesses: how to change from Vodafone email

With Vodafone New Zealand announcing the shutdown of their email hosting service, businesses have until November 2017 to look for alternatives.

Apertura Designs is available to assist your business with switching from Vodafone email accounts to FastMail.

FastMail email accounts include:

SuiteCRM: open source Customer Relationship Management

Apertura Designs is pleased to announce today a new offering in our business product portfolio. SuiteCRM is the world's leading open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. Powerful, flexible, easy to use—and with all compelling benefits of open source—SuiteCRM is the perfect CRM product for businesses of every scale and industry.

When implemented correctly, SuiteCRM:

Dell offers beautiful, high-end PCs powered by Ubuntu

Since we first blogged about Dell's move to offer Ubuntu-powered computers, their lineup has gone from strength to strength. 2017 marks a high point, with Dell releasing powerful, high-end desktop and laptop systems to outstanding reviews. These new products are intended for professional use—such as digital content creation or engineering—and feature high speed storage, substantial processing capability, powerful graphics cards, and ultra-high resolution displays.

Microsoft dropping support for Office 2007

In October 2017, Microsoft will formally cease support for Microsoft Office 2007—including all bug fixes and security updates. As we blogged at the time of Office 2003's end of support, businesses using Office 2007 without this safety net of regular updates can similarly expect the software to transform into a critical and disruptive IT security problem. Additionally, Office 2007 will eventually cease to run on newer computers, leading to expensive forced hardware and software upgrades.

Use Ubuntu virtual machines to protect against Windows ransomware

We've previously blogged (here and here) about the benefits of running Microsoft Windows as a virtual machine (VM) within Ubuntu. To recap, VMs enable a best of both worlds scenario for businesses: the incredible productivity and cost advantages of Ubuntu, combined with the ability to easily retain Windows-specific software where needed.

Insert PDFs as images in LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice 5.3 features the ability to insert PDFs as images into LibreOffice Writer documents. This is useful for customers who wish to use existing PDFs as image source material, without having to go through the hassle of converting to an image file format such as JPEG or PNG.

The process is exactly the same as inserting any other image file into a document. We've summarised it in the following brief screecast.

LibreOffice reviewed by TechRadar: "truly remarkable"

Cat Ellis, writing for TechRadar magazine, awarded LibreOffice a near-perfect score in a recent review. It's an entirely accurate assessment—and a great takeaway summary for business owners looking to migrate from Microsoft Office. Some of review's highlights:

Wanna Cry ransomware highlights (Windows) elephant in the room

When we last blogged about the prominent strain of Microsoft Windows-specific ransomware known as CryptoLocker, we predicted that it would be swiftly followed by ". . . many variants . . .

Sample LibreOffice Business Case

We're pleased to share with our readers a sample LibreOffice business case. This can assist technical staff and managers looking at office software replacement options with building a strong proposal for LibreOffice. The sample is provided under a Creative Commons license, which means you can modify its content to suit your particular use case.


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